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7825 Bale Processor


Features & Design

  • Bale Ejector:
    - The side door opens sideways, allowing for bale ejection if mold or other unwanted material is discovered in mid process. Patent Pending.
    - Easy maintenance access - no more having to crawl into the machine to make adjustments or remove twine.
  • Hydraulic Slug Bars:
    Allows the operator to decrease knife exposure as the bale gets processed down to a smaller core, for complete control of discharge volume.
  • Two Stage Bale Lift:
    The machine pulls the bale up and away so the next bale is undisturbed.
  • Two Axis Bale Movement:
    The primary movement rotates the bale into the shredding rotor.  A secondary movement moves the bale back and forth across the rotor, preventing knives from channeling into the bale.  This makes out of condition bales no problem
  • Big Gap Slat Spacing:
    A large gap between the slats pushes the bale rather than carrying the bale, translating to less slippage of the bale over the slats, and less wear and tear on components.
  • Easy Twine Removal:
    The parallel running bars create separation between the twine and the rotor, allowing the operator adequate space to inset a cutting tool for easy twine removal.
  • Stationary Knives:
    The flails on the rotor pass through removable stationary knives to chop hay for a more palatable consumption.
  • Electric over Hydraulic Controls:
    - Only one tractor remote required, making hooking up quick and easy
    - Full feature in-cab control box
    - All electric controls can be mechanically overridden
  • Large Bale Lift Bed:
    The large, fully covered bale lift bed assists in containing bales that might be odd in size or that begin to fall apart when lifted.  The eliminates the problem of hay falling between the lift members or off the sides.
  • Heavy Flails:
    5/8" thick heat treated spring steel flails

Product Specifications


Model 7825
Width 9'1"
Weight (Operation) 4300 lbs.
Horsepower 85 HP
PTO 1000
Hydraulic Remotes 1 Double Acting
Slug Bar Adjustment Hydraulic-Infinite Adjustment
Tire Size (Standard) 16.5L-16.1 Flotation Tires
Controls Full Feature In-Cab Controls
Reciprocator Electric over Hydraulic

Product Options

  • Square Bale Attachment:
    An attachment that easily goes from round to square with no adjustment,  Handles 3x3 and 3x4 square bales.  All operations are controlled hydraulically from the cab. Patent Pending.
  • Grain Tank by Mark's Welding and Repair:
    A tank capacity of 24 bushels, designed for gravity flow to auger.
  • Light Kit:
    For night time operations.

  • 7800 Series Bale Processors Product Brochure
    Grain Tank by Mark's Welding and Repair
    Square Bale Kit