Snocrete® Ag Snow Blowers

The Most Aggressive and Durable Snowblower on the Market
Snocrete® is a design proven tough for over 50 years in the harshest winter
conditions the single-stage twin fan design is ready to take on the hardest
snow and whatever lies hidden beneath.

Snocrete Agricultural Snowblower

Hydraulic Spout Capper:
Standard spout that allows operator to cast when blowing around obstacles

Spout Enclosure:
Enclosure prevents dusting and improves visibility

High Profile Spout:
Tall, reinforced spouts carry the snow up and out of the vision of the operator

300° Spout Rotation:
Casts snow backward or in any direction, allowing passage around obstacles without hitting them with discharge

Design and Features

Ice chopper bars

Bolt on Ice Chopper Bars:
Break up snow and ice while cleaning the corners away for an easy and even feed. Easily replaceable bars work in parallel with shear bolts. Shear bolts protect against radial show loads. Bolt on chopper bars protect against axial shock loads. Together the machine is protected against foreign objects minimizing downtime with easy service ability.

Telescoping truck loading spout

Optional: Telescoping Truck Loading Spout:
An optional tow-stage contoured and compound design (no square corners) that holds snow in a tight pattern and prevents discharge from splintering in the wind.

Snowblower hitch

Rigid Hitch:
Blowers are engineered with a bridge and truss type frame to transfer all the stresses from the ground shearing action of the bottom cutting edge directly to the tractor hitch.

Large Access Panels:
Large Panels make for easy inspection and service.

Easy Access Shear Bolts:
Bolt holes use heat-treated inserts to keep holes from elongating after extended use.

Shear bolts

Automatic Chain Oiler:
A self-contained pump and oil reservoir actuated by the spout rotation, extends chain life while still giving the end user quick, walk-around inspection to all parts.

Automatic chain oiler

Bolt On Cutting Edges & Skid Shoes:
Reversible skid shoes extend the wear life.

Skid shoes

Additional Features:
Large four bold piloted flange bearings to absorb radial and axial loads
Heat treated shafts
Long Shaft gripping hubs absorb shock load and prevent sprockets from sliding on shaft

Fans Versus Augers

Snocrete®'s twin fan single stage design moves more snow per horsepower than the two stage competitors. When the snow hits the fan, the snow is projected directly up the spout in a single, fluid motion. In a two-stage design snow hits the augers and is then carried to the fan where it is projected up the spout. The snow's direction/inertia is changed three times!

The Snocrete® four fan blade design also optimizes horsepower and efficiency while holding a tight cast. Additional fan blades only move excessive air and create dusting.


848a 954a 1060a
Model: 848A 954A 1060A
Cutting Width: 96" 108" 120" - 140"
Cutting Height: 48" 54" 60"
Overall Height: 109" 115" 124"
Weight: 2750 lbs 3500 lbs 4600 lbs
Spout Rotation: 300° 300° 300°
Horsepower: 100-200 175-275 375-400
848a 848A 96' 48' 109" 2750 lbs 300° 100-200 CAT II & III
954a 954A 108" 54" 115" 3500 lbs 300° 175-275 CAT II & III
1060a 1060A 120" - 140" 60" 124" 4600 lbs 300° 375-400 CAT III

Brochures & Videos

Snocrete® A Series Video

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