Superhaul® Snow Body Truck Inserts

Save Time and Money with a Complete Snow Removal System
featuring Snocrete® & SuperHaul Snow Body Inserts

Truck insert

Self-opening high rise end gates allow heaping loads to slide out freely

Easy to install and remove

Custom designed for your truck box

Can be used on flatbeds or in existing truck bodies

Can be used for other light materials such as wood chips, leaves, branches, etc.

Parallel Floor Runners allow snow to slide freely avoiding the chronic problem of snow sticking in corners

Snow Removal Comparision
Conventional Method
Based on 6 yd. gravelbox on a single axle-truck loaded with bucketloader
Based on 10 Block Haul Snow Removal System
Based on Fair Snocrete® Snowblower into same single axle truck with SuperHaul® Snow body
3 minutes Loading Time 20 seconds
5 minutes Downtown Area to Dumpsite 5 minutes
2 minutes Emptying Load 2 minutes
5 minutes Back to Loading Area 5 minutes
15 minutes Total time 12 minutes 20 seconds
4 Loads Loads per Hour 5 Loads
5,000 lbs Pounds per Load 16,000 lbs
$25.50 per Load Cost per Load
cost based on:
$20/hr truck operator & $20/hr loader operator
$30/hr cost ofoperation for truck
$30/hr cost of operation for loader
$20.00 per Load
22.5 Loads 112,500 lbs. snow in 1 city block
Based on 75' x 500' block
Average 6" snowfall
Freshly fallen snow weight of 6 lbs/cu. ft.
7 Loads
225 Loads 10 City Blocks 70 Loads
$5,625 Hauling Costs $1,400

Save more with a Snocrete® Snowblower

Commercial blower mount

Hauling a 6" snow from 10 city blocks:
$4,225 in Savings

Hauling a 12" snow from 10 city blocks:
$8,450 in Savings

Annual Savings from 10 city blocks:
(Based on 50" annual snowfall)

$35,208 in Savings

Savings even greater with a tandem axle truck up to 38 cu. yd.

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