The 7200-LMH Hydraulic Bale Processor is the first-of-its-kind loader mounted, hydraulically driven bale processor for wheel loaders. Leading the industry in fast and efficient bale processing, the 7200-LMH is perfect for bedding, feeding, and stockpiling.

Driven by the loaders hydraulics, the 7200-LMH hay processor has a simple design with no mechanical power transmission. This translates to efficient processing and low maintenance. The high torque design tears through hay bales and discharges directly off of the flails eliminating plugging issues.

Our 7200-LMH Round Bale Processor gives loader operators the unmatched ability to shred hay bales in any condition.

  • Easily Attaches to Front End Wheel Loaders
  • Hydraulically Driven from the Loader Carrier
  • Simple Design Generates Unmatched Processing Efficiency
  • 3 Bale Capacity
  • Load Hay Bales from the Ground or Stacks
  • In-Cab Control Panel
  • This bale shredder works great for Bunk Feeding and High Discharge Bedding up to 65'

7200-LMH Bale Processor efficient designThe high torque motor provides power directly to the shredding rotor which discharges the material through a large opening. This simple design virtually eliminates plugging problems as wet material has nowhere to hang up on as it is expelled directly off of the flails into the air.

This design also permits bedding over gates and panels or bedding into barns by simply elevating the hay processor with the loader carrier.

7200-LMH Bale Processor with 3 balesThe side wall opposite the rotor can be lowered down to carry a third bale.

7200-LMH Bale Processor loading balesSpear loading loading enables bales to be loaded from the ground or from stacks without disturbing other bales. Optional forks also easily attach to the lift.

Hydraulic Slug BarsThe hydraulic slug bars allow the operator to decrease knife exposure as the bale gets processed down to a smaller core for complete control of discharge volume.  (standard on all models)

In Cab Controls

The in-cab control panel allows the operator to control all of the functions of the 7200-LMH processor.

Adjustable Discharge DoorThe hydraulically operated door enables operators to bunk and windrow feed or fan out hay for bedding from the convenience of the cab.

Easy Twine RemovalThe patented parallel running bars create separation between the twine and rotor, allowing the operator adequate space to insert a cutting tool for easy twine removal.

The 7200-LMH bale processor has the ability to operate as a straw blower, helping landowners and landscape contractors with soil erosion. Loader mounted and hydraulically driven, the 7200-LMH can deliver straw & hay with high efficiency. In-cab controls allow the operator to control all the functions of the straw blower without having to leave the loader. Perfect for putting down a layer of straw over freshly seeded soil. 


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7200-LMH Bale Processor by Fair Manufacturing on a front end loader