The Most Aggressive and Durable Commercial Snowblower on the Market

The 842D Snocrete® is our mid-sized industrial snow blower which easily attaches to wheel loaders and backhoes. This model is ideal for free casting and truck loading.

The Snocrete design is proven tough for over 50 years in the harshest winter conditions. The single stage twin fan design is ready to take on hard packed snow and whatever is hidden beneath with industry leading resistance to foreign objects. An easily detachable power unit, makes this model unique and ready for quick and easy maintenance as well as significantly lower future replacement costs as the blower head can be replaced separately from the power unit.

The 842D model is our mid-size model.  For larger tasks take a look at our powerful 948D large capacity snow blowerCompare our loader mount snow blowers.

  • Efficient Single-Stage Design
  • Detachable Power Unit
  • Replaceable Ice Breaker Cups
  • Telescoping Truck Loading Spout
  • Wireless Controls
  • Excellent Operator Visibility

Four Fan BladesSnocrete's® twin fan single stage design moves more snow per horsepower than the two stage competitors. When the snow hits the fan, the snow is projected directly up the spout in a single fluid motion. In a two-stage design, snow hits the augers and is then carried to the fan where it is projected up the spout. The snow's direction/inertia is changed three times!

Detachable Power UnitPower Unit easily detaches from blower head in minutes, allowing for easy maintenance access to all components. Since the blower head can be replaced separately from the power unit, it saves you from significant replacement costs.
Lower Replacement Cost

Future replacement costs are lower as the blower head can be replaced separately from the power unit.

Eliminate Downtime

Virtually eliminates downtime as blower heads can be interchanged among power units.

Uncouple Quickly

Engine power unit quickly uncouples in minutes creating complete access to both the blower head final drive as well as both sides of the engine.

Telescoping Truck Loading SpoutAllows for free casting and/or truck loading. The contoured design prevents discharge from splintering in the wind.

Bolt on Ice Breaker CupsBreak up snow and ice while gathering from the corners for an easy and even feed. Easily replaceable cups work in parallel with shear bolts. Shear bolts protect against radial shock loads. Bolt on ice breaker cups protect against axial shock loads. Together the machine has unmatched protection against foreign objects minimizing downtime with easy serviceability.

Bolt On Cutting Edges & Skid ShoesExtended length skid shoes extend the wear life.

Wireless Joystick ControlsEach unit comes standard with a control panel mounted on the power unit as well as a wireless transmitter that includes joystick spout control.

D-Series Options: Side Draft Compensator, Working Lights, Bolt-On Curb Protector, Snow WheelsSide Draft Compensator - Hydraulically operated wing prevents the blower from being sucked into a snow bank or down a ditch when side cutting.

Working Lights

Bolt-On Curb Protector - Heavy duty rub rail that mounts to the side of the blower to allow for working against curbs and rails.

Snow Wheels - Adjustable caster wheel mount to the rear of the power unit and work in tandem with the skid shoes.

  • Large 4 bolt double roller piloted flange bearing to absorb radial and axial loads.
  • Large head-treated shafts.
  • Long shaft gripping hubs to absorb shock loads and prevent sprockets from sliding on shaft.
  • Self-lubricating system (oil bath on D models)
  • 270° spout rotation.

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Loader with 842D loader mounted snow blower